Summer in the city (picture heavy)

I took my vacation back in July so I spent most of August here in Athens. And I can’t say I didn’t like it. The city was almost empty, which meant no traffic jams, better service at the cafes and restaurants and calmer atmosphere! I really don’t appreciate crowded beaches and taverns packed with all kinds of people, and that’s exactly how it is in most greek islands during August. So, even though I didn’t get the chance to go to the beach as much as I wanted, I managed to have a good time here and enjoy what this city has to offer.
And a new passion came into my life: photography! I suddenly felt the need to take my camera and start taking pictures. I guess the scenery inspired me or the fact that I was feeling calm and relaxed. I’m on the hunt for a good DSLR, because my compact is a great disappointment. I’m lucky to have my brother to help me find a camera and teach me a thing or two…
Meanwhile, I started experimenting with my old Canon EOS 3000N Film SLR Camera. It’s so much more difficult to take decent photos with a film camera, because you have no clue what you’ve captured (at least I don’t!) until you have your film developed – and by then it’s too late. You don’t have the chance to see your photo right away and re-shoot if you don’t like it. And there’s also the fact that they have to be scanned. But using a film camera is the perfect way to master the art of photography and I intend to improve my skills (if I have any!).
Anyway, it was fun and the outcome is not as terrible as I thought it would be. What do you think about my first photoshoot?

P.S.1: In the photos with the watermellon and with the bottle you can see a bit blurry the view from my balcony!
P.S.2: This is a stray dog that I saw one day on my way home and I just had to take his picture!