Sewing project: I made my first swing skirt!

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t been posting much lately, as I’m in Crete until September, working and vacationing… 

But I wanted to blog about this ever since I finished my first sewing project. If you follow me on Instagram (@ariettita) you probably saw a couple of months ago in my insta stories that I started sewing lessons. So around May I showed you a glimpse of the fabric I was using to make my first swing skirt. Here we call it an “umbrella” pattern, and it basically means that it’s a full circle (it’s also called a circle skirt), kind of like a donut! 

I always wanted to learn how to sew, but I was never patient to do it. Now I think my eagerness to make my own clothes overcame my lack of patience, so I finally started learning. It has paid off so far, since I managed to make a beautiful skirt and in September I’m going back to learn more. 

I found this gorgeous print at a fabric store in Athens and it wasn’t cheap. So it was a bit of a risk to get such an expensive fabric for my first project. But I had the supervision of my teacher so it was ok. 

And here it is, my flamingo swing skirt in all its glory….

What do you think? I’m in love with it, even if it’s not perfect….💗


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    • Arietta says:

      Thank you! Oh trust me, I’m slow as a turtle lol! But I enjoy learning and the thrill of actually making something yourself is incomparable. Xx

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