How to marry a millionaire – Inspired outfit #1

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I’ve been planning this post for a while and I finally managed to do it. “How to marry a millionaire” is one of my favorite movies of all time! Maybe it’s because Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall are in it (my favorite actresses), or because the clothes they wear are divine or just because every girl secretly wants to marry a millionaire, lol! William Travilla designed the clothes for this movie, under the direction of Charles LeMaire, and they were both nominated for an Oscar for the fabulous costumes.

I will be showing you three different (inspired) outfits from the film. My first outfit was inspired by Betty Grable, when she came back from Bergdorf’s with that nice (mature) gentleman that they were all so happy to meet. I got this dress recently from Top Vintage (designed by the lovely Miss Victory Violet) and I was originally planning to do a fall lookbook with it, but then I somehow pictured it in this concept. Even though it’s very different from what Betty Grable was wearing, I believe when you style it in a similar way it gives you a similar feel and looks as glamorous, don’t you think?

(screenshot from the movie)


Dress: Vixen via Top vintage
Faux fur: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Hat: Dancing days by Banned 
Shoes: Zara (old)

Please keep in mind that the color of this gorgeous dress looks a bit different on my pics, as I tried to imitate Technicolor as much as I could. You can visit the link above to see its actual color. Fit and quality wise I’m super happy with it. It fits me perfectly (size S) and the fabric is warm(ish), but not bulky either. There’s lots of fabric on the skirt for impressive swirls too! 😉

Many thanks to my Photographer Constantinos Theodorou for the awesome pics!



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