Christmas tree decorating with my vintage friends!

My outfit (skirt and top) is from The Weekend Doll

Hello lovelies,

When I wrote my last post the weather was still warm. Now it’s getting cold outside and it’s December so Christmas is coming…
So when I was invited to a Christmas tree decorating event at Madame Gateaux, I was super excited! I’ve shown you her beautiful tea room and truth is I can’t get enough of that place! Especially when I’m spending a lovely afternoon with my vintage friends Kalliopi (Madame Gateaux) and Viveta (La Cocote Athens).

We did some tree decorating, but we mostly did a lot of laughing and drinking! Yes, even though I’m not a drinker, I really enjoyed that Bosford Rosé Gin. Mixed with tonic and served with fresh strawberries and raspberries and a twig of rosemary….it was delicious!
And that pink color makes it so girly and retro. I think I have found my favorite drink!

And of course we didn’t leave empty handed… There were three beautiful gift bags waiting for us under the tree, one for each of us. Filled with Molton Brown goodies!
I think I picked the best one, because I got the Muddled Plum candle and the Eau de Toilette. They both smell sweet and yummy! And the packaging is very luxurious and festive…

I wish you all a very happy Christmas time and I hope the new year will bring us everything our hearts desire!


Photography by Konstantinos Tzemis

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