11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week – Ourania Kay AW2012-13 collection “sTigma”

The minute I saw the ecclesiastical candleholders on the runway I thought that we’re about to see something very intriguing. I couldn’t be more right. The lights went down and on the video wall a clip was playing, preparing us for what we were about to see, creating a very mystical atmosphere. And then, psalms were heard and men appeared dressed in black cloaks, holding lit candles that they placed in the candleholders. After that, the models started walking down the runway, showing the designer’s beautiful creations. The color palette consisted of blacks and silvers with a hint of blue and beige. 
The jewelry/art pieces were by Perikles Kondylatos, and they made quite a statement! 
I must say that this was the most impressive show (at least among the ones I saw) and kudos to Ourania Kay and her team for the idea and the amazing presentation!

(As usual, photos taken by Constantinos Theodorou, Close up Studio)


11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week – Miltos SS2012 collection

You all know I’m a big fan of Miltos’ work and last night he amazed me (and every one in the room) once again! Not only by the beautiful collection he showcased, but also with the theatrical presentation of the show. 
There was a bed on the catwalk, and a half naked man was lying in it. The show started with a model being in bed with him and then she got up, wore her dress and threw some money at him (implying of course that the man was a…ahem…a gigolo!). 
Every single model first passed by his bed and threw money at him (he must have made a fortune that night, lol!), and then the girls walked down the runway. At the end, one of them came out with a gun and shot him dead! Then she got undressed to reveal a very sexy set of underwear! At the end all the girls were holding a red rose which they threw on the (“dead”) man’s bed. I totally loved the idea of this role playing, which made the show even more interesting. 
As for the clothes, Miltos never disappoints. This time the collection was inspired by the 50’s. Full skirts with beautiful tops, cinched at the waist, knee-length pencil skirts and a lot of dog-tooth prints. We also saw very elegant blouses with puff sleeves and bows, and lovely fishtail maxi dresses. The feminine shapes combined with the luxury fabrics and finish, made this collection one of my favorites! 


Jewelry photoshoot with Miss Hellas Katerina Evangelinou

Hello my lovelies, how have you been? I know I haven’t updated this blog for a while, and I also have missed several fashion events (mostly due to work), so I didn’t feel that I had much to blog about. Maybe I could start making some outfit posts again, but the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having lately, just puts me off!

So the thought crossed my mind that I could blog about a photoshoot we did last month. Most of you know that my brother is a professional photographer and that we usually work together in photoshoots (and of course he’s the official photographer for this blog!). 
We had the chance to work with Katerina Evangelinou, a former Miss Hellas, who is a model and a TV presenter. The object of the photoshoot was jewelry, made by Valia de Grèce.

Valia Daskalothanasi is a Cannes based jewelry designer, who designs high quality jewelry and every single piece is handmade by her. The materials she mainly uses are Murano glass and semi-precious stones. Her designs are very beautiful and quite unique. I have my eye on a few pieces myself…
As for the make up I did on Katerina, I used all Mac products (what else?!):
For the face:
Face and body foundation
Select sheer pressed powder
Select cover-up concealer
For the eyes:
Gilt by association eyeshadow
Vanilla eyeshadow
Technakhol eyeliner in Graphblack
Zoom black mascara
For the lips: 
Boldly bare lipliner
Creme d’ nude mixed with Angel lipstick
For the cheeks:
Contouring with full coverage foundation (in NW50)
Desert Rose blush
The photoshoot took place at Close Up Studio (my brother’s studio) and we had so much fun during it. I really enjoyed working with Valia and Katerina! Below are some of the photos from the photoshoot and don’t forget to visit Valia’s site to check out her amazing jewelry. You can buy online and the shipping is international! 
PS: The clothing used for the photoshoot was from the Raxevsky spring-summer 2012 collection. 


Athens Fashion Week – Vassilios Kostetsos spring/summer 2012

The first time I ever saw a Vassilios Kostetsos runway show was many years ago and I still remember how blown away I was with his clothes and the way they were presented. There was so much glamour and it felt like watching a show in Paris, Milan or New York. I mean, where else (in Greece) did we see Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and all the other top models?! 
Yesterday I saw his spring summer 2012 collection at Athens Fashion Week, “Boy on a dolphin”. I was impressed once again! The women’s wear collection was very feminine and chic, with beautiful tailored trench coats and jackets, gorgeous lace jumpsuits, dresses and skirts, with accentuated puffy shoulders, that are so typically Kostetsos! And the color palette was simply divine! 
As for the men’s wear collection, it was inspired by the film “Boy on a dolphin” with Sophia Loren and Alan Ladd. There was a clear 50’s navy style vibe and you could almost picture the men, stepping out of a wooden Riva yacht, ever so stylish and with a timely elegance! Also, small fragments of Eric Serra’s “Big blue” soundtrack were heard in the music that accompanied the show. Very appropriate, especially for the men’s collection! 
Last but not least, we saw some of Vassilios’ co-dancers from “Dancing on ice”, that is premiering on November 6th on Ant1. Kostas Fragkolias, Marianna Kallergi, Penelope Anastasopoulou, Stamatina Tsimtsili, Maria Eleni Likourezou, and two ice skating teachers, Alexei and Yan, walked the runway as models, wearing Kostetsos’ designs. 
Enjoy the photos…

Model Stella Giampoura and me after the show


Kiehl’s event – Save the donkeys!

I don’t suppose Kiehl’s needs an introduction. It’s been around since 1851, when it was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York. Today, Kiehls is a widely-known cosmetics brand, that specializes in face, body and hair care products, with many retail stores around the world.

Kiehl’s Greece, organized a party for the launch of their new campaign: save the donkeys! Those poor creatures have always been there for us, tireless workers, and eager helpers. So we should take care of them, give them the attention they deserve and be responsible for their well being.
It was very thoughtful of Kiehl’s to try to raise awareness about this cause. I will do a second post about the greek NGO ESPI for the protection of horses and donkeys (www.greekhorseprotection.gr) that was at the event, informing us about the situation in Greece (the abuse and mistreatment of donkeys and the poor legislation) and how each of us can contribute to their work.
Also, the designers Deux Hommes and Orsalia Parthenis, designed T-shirts especially for this cause. And now, on to the party! Me, Tina from All the vanity and Evi from CBSG5861 attended the event together and we had such a lovely time. We were informed about Kiehl’s products by Giota, who was extremely helpful and very informative and generously gave us samples to try products that will suit our skins’ needs. I’m eager to try the renowned Creme de corps body butter, that feels amazing on the skin and smells…good enough to eat! And I was really intrigued by lots of other face and body products as well.
Then, we took some pictures, drank some Donkita (a carrot juice based cocktail) and ate (well, only I did) the delicious and very cute carrot cupcakes! Thank you Kiehl’s for inviting us!
Enjoy the photos…

(Coat: Lussile, Blouse: Nili Lotan, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Sergio Rossi, Bag: Mulberry for target)

Tina and Evi

Me and Evi

The delicious carrot cupcakes!

“Caressing” a cardboard donkey, made out of Zikos’ photo, who is housed at ESPI’s facilities!

Tina, me and Evi

Go to Patricia Munster’s blog Fashion & Art to see who else was there! Thank you for taking our picture Patricia! :))