Why I had to cut my hair – Confessions of a vintage lady!

Dress: Dolly and Dotty
Bag: Revival Retro
Shoes: Bershka (old)
Gloves: Revival Retro

Hey lovelies, how’ve you been? It’s been a while since my last post, but I thought I’d write something about my new haircut and also take the opportunity to show you a beautiful new dress by Dolly and Dotty.
I wore this dress on my birthday dinner and I felt like the hostess with the mostess. I’m usually either an 8 or a 10, depending on the stretch of the fabric. I got a 10 in this one, because it’s not very stretchy. And it turns out it fits perfectly.<3
My hair was a bit longer then and I styled it my usual Marilyn-esque way. It looked very historically accurate.

So why did I decide to cut my hair? I made a big mistake a few months ago when I first cut my hair. It was shoulder length and I was able to do a lot more vintage styles, like the “pageboy” or even a “poodle”. But I was going through some stuff in my personal life and as per usual I took it out on my hair. And even though I was still able to do a vintage hairstyle with my shorter hair (the Marilyn style), I felt it looked a bit “old lady” on me. I think short vintage hairstyles have that effect. So my hairstyle was making me look older and I definitely don’t want that. If I was in my twenties maybe I wouldn’t mind, but I’m clearly not, therefore I had to change my hair!

My favorite eras are the 40’s, the 50’s, and early 60’s. Sometimes I like to mix and match and I may even add a modern touch to my style. I tried to think outside the box and find a short hairstyle that would look good on me and still look “vintage”. And then Jean Seberg and Leslie Caron came to my mind. They had that stylish “gamine” haircut (French word, meaning a boyish looking girl), but they were still wearing beautiful and very feminine dresses, full skirts or pedal pushers. So there we go, I found my new hairstyle!
Actually this haircut isn’t new to me, I had it a few years back, only a tad more modern. That’s how I knew that it would suit me. I kept the fringe longer than in the original gamine style, but I think next time I’ll trim it more.

So what do you guys think, does this suit me more or not? And do take a look at the Dolly and Dotty site, they have some fabulous pieces at very affordable prices!


Something about…British Retro!

Dress: British Retro
Shoes: Lindy Bop (you can see some close ups on my instagram @ariettita)
Eyeglasses: Retropeepers
Clutch: Vintage

This is my very last photoshoot, before I left London and I really love how it turned out. Especially this first shot right outside the Vogue building. What could be more posh than that?! Of course I was freezing and I was lucky enough that John (@portraitsandpinups) is so quick to take good pics!

Anyways, moving on to the main focus, which is the dress: isn’t this dress divine? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the British Retro site. British Retro is a small business (and I like supporting small businesses), that make vintage inspired clothing and their garments are all made in one of the oldest factories in the East End of London. 

I bought two garments, the one in the pics, which is called “Something about Kitty” and another one which you’ll see when the weather is a bit nicer (praying for that). 

I’m also rocking my new reading glasses by Retropeepers. Aren’t they cute?! 

After freezing while trying to play cool (no pun intended lol) and take good pics, I had the marvelous idea to have a coffee at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, and fortunately we were allowed to take some more pics in their elegant and warm lounge! 

I will really miss London, I already do actually… Then you’ll ask, why did you move back to Greece? Lots of reasons which cannot all be explained here. Maybe in another post…

Kisses and hugs!

PS: Many thanks to the very talented John @portraitsandpinups for the beautiful pics in all our photoshoots!

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The 40’s trousers of your dreams!

Top: Vintage (bought at the Classic car boot sale in London)
Trousers: Laura Byrnes Doris Trousers (Revival Retro or PUG Clothing)
Hat: Vintage (bought at the Midcentury market in Camden)
Gloves: Vintage (bought at Frock me fashion fair)
Shoes: Old tango shoes
Bag: Vintage (bought at the Kilo shop in Athens)
Trench: Zara (old)

Forties inspired that is! Well that’s how Pinup girl Clothing call these trousers and I will definitely agree. Designed by Laura Byrnes, who is actually the founder of PUG clothing! 

These trousers are very well made from out of vintage-style pebble crepe and fully-lined with a soft knit fabric. They are wide leg, so wide that when you’re standing it may look as if you’re wearing a skirt. Especially the black ones. I love the pleats that drape very elegantly and the high elasticated waist. 


I do apologise if you cannot see exactly the shape, but we used natural light on a gloomy day, which gave us some really nice artistic shots, but maybe not as nice in regards to properly seeing the garment. If you wish to see them in more detail you can always go to the PUG site (they’re modeled by the stunning Doris MayDay) or if you’re in London pop by Revival Retro (which is where I purchased them) to see them up close. 

Photography by John @portraitsandpinups and a big thank you to the lovely people at Undercurrents Antique shop for letting us shoot at their loft above the store! 


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Vivien of Holloway tartan circle skirt!


This is my second skirt from Vivien of Holloway and it certainly will not be my last! I just love the cut and shape of these circle skirts, the abundance of fabric and in this case the colors of the tartan. It’s not your usual school uniform tartan, but it’s definitely a classic and it will never go out of fashion (contemporary or vintage). If you’re looking for a place to stock up on basics like a circle skirt, a pencil skirt, high waisted trousers etc, Vivien of Holloway is the perfect place to visit (or their site) and you will also be mesmerized by the beautiful evening dresses!

So I took my new tartan circle skirt for a spin around Green Park, St James park and right in front of Buckingham palace. I was quite lucky because it wasn’t super cold, so I could pose without a coat. Don’t think I could do that now…brrrr!!!

Also you can see two versions: this is the more evening, glam version and below you’ll see some pics where I’m wearing it with a vintage sweater and boots, for a more casual look. So take your pick! 😉

Skirt: Vivien of Holloway
Belt: Vivien of Holloway
Top: Zara (old, but you can find similar at VOH here)
Cardigan: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: Chinese Laundry








Pics by John at Portraits and Pinups!

Skirt: Vivien of Holloway
Belt: Vivien of Holloway
Top: Vintage
PetticoatLindy Bop
Socks: old, over the knee
Shoes: Voi Noi (Greek shop)

See you on my next post lovelies! xxx


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Atelier of Haute Couture Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias


At the end of August, I visited Athens to see my family and I always like to make the most of these trips. So I contacted my friend and fellow vintage blogger, Marianna (from Vintageholic ) and we went to see the amazing Vassilis Zoulias! I always wanted to visit his atelier and have the chance to try on some of his dresses. And I’m so glad I did. I was mesmerized by…everything really!

The store is in Athens and it’s a lovely space, where you just can’t decide which dress is prettier and which accessories are more elegant and…can I have everything…please?!

But the atelier, is where I would actually want to be living! And of course it’s where all the magic happens… From the designs of the uber talented Mr Vassilis Zoulias to the cutting and sewing and stitching by his experienced seamstresses. The flat is so reminiscent of old Athens, with the wooden floors and the big, high ceiling rooms. And the decoration is a perfect reflection of the designer’s -vintage loving- personal style. Who is also a collector of vintage fashion pieces, from that gorgeous vintage Dior gown, to the Balmain gloves and tons of old issues of Vogue! 

As for the dresses we wore, I fell utterly in love with each and every one. Even the ones that I didn’t get to try on! Take a look at the pics and tell me what you think. I’m sure you will all be in awe, like I was was when I saw myself in them! 


Look at this precious gem! I felt like Grace Kelly wearing this gorgeous emerald green dress and the ultra feminine yet comfortable, grey high heeled pumps! <3


Me and Marianna wearing the same dress in different colours. I couldn’t decide which colour is more pretty!


Now look at this beauty! This dress is from Mr Zoulias’ SS16 collection “Women in Myconos through the decades”. I’d say at any island or any coast, I would love to wear this. This dress oozes femininity in the most elegant way!




Now this little number! I can see myself wearing this while hosting a very posh party and I would definitely be the hostess with the mostest! The black pumps are also designed by Vassilis Zoulias and they are the perfect, all time classic, high heeled pumps!




Well let’s take a moment to appreciate this fairytale dress! The word “Principessa” comes to mind (means Princess in Italian, from the movie “La vita e bella”), because that’s how this dress made me feel! The gloves were from Mr Zoulias’ atelier and the necklace is from P. Kondylatos, exclusively for Vassilis Zoulias.




Pink and white gingham? With sweetheart neckline and bows? I am sold already! Even more so if it’s designed by Vassilis Zoulias! And accessorized with the beautiful cameo pearl necklace by P. Kondylatos! I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror with that dress… <3




Details from the atelier…


That Chistian Dior vintage dress (looooove!!!).


Balmain long leather gloves <3

I really enjoyed this photoshoot and I have to say a big thank you to Mr Zoulias for letting us in to his magical world and to my friend Marianna for taking the pics! 



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