How to marry a millionaire – Inspired outfit #2

Hey lovelies,

I hope you liked my previous post and I also hope you like this one. So this is the second look I created that was inspired from the movie, and this time my inspiration was -my all time favorite inspiration- Marilyn Monroe! She was gorgeous as ever in the movie, wearing stunning outfits designed by William Travilla. She (or her role) was once more portrayed as the naive blonde, that she definitely wasn’t in real life and even though I always enjoy watching her, in any role, I believe she deserved better roles. She was a great actress, who was constantly studying and improving her skills and we can see those skills in some of her more dramatic roles, like in “Don’t bother to knock” or “Niagara”.

Dress: Collectif
Faux Fur muff: Handmade

Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Marks & Spencers
Eyeglasses: Retropeepers

In this look I’m wearing a dress from Collectif that I bought last year, which you can still find on their site. It’s a very elegant dress and the faux fur details make it even more interesting. The faux fur muff I made myself, and I stupidly forgot to wear my gloves to complete the look! The eyeglasses are by Retropeepers and are the closest thing I could find to what she was wearing. I think they are pretty close, what do you think?


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How to marry a millionaire – Inspired outfit #1

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been planning this post for a while and I finally managed to do it. “How to marry a millionaire” is one of my favorite movies of all time! Maybe it’s because Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall are in it (my favorite actresses), or because the clothes they wear are divine or just because every girl secretly wants to marry a millionaire, lol! William Travilla designed the clothes for this movie, under the direction of Charles LeMaire, and they were both nominated for an Oscar for the fabulous costumes.

I will be showing you three different (inspired) outfits from the film. My first outfit was inspired by Betty Grable, when she came back from Bergdorf’s with that nice (mature) gentleman that they were all so happy to meet. I got this dress recently from Top Vintage (designed by the lovely Miss Victory Violet) and I was originally planning to do a fall lookbook with it, but then I somehow pictured it in this concept. Even though it’s very different from what Betty Grable was wearing, I believe when you style it in a similar way it gives you a similar feel and looks as glamorous, don’t you think?

(screenshot from the movie)


Dress: Vixen via Top vintage
Faux fur: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Hat: Dancing days by Banned 
Shoes: Zara (old)

Please keep in mind that the color of this gorgeous dress looks a bit different on my pics, as I tried to imitate Technicolor as much as I could. You can visit the link above to see its actual color. Fit and quality wise I’m super happy with it. It fits me perfectly (size S) and the fabric is warm(ish), but not bulky either. There’s lots of fabric on the skirt for impressive swirls too! ūüėČ

Many thanks to my Photographer Constantinos Theodorou for the awesome pics!



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Lady V London – Liliana dress

Dress: LadyVLondon 
Shoes: Zara (old)
Bag: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage (my grandmother’s)

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t been very consistent with posting, but blame it on the weather, the photographer, everyone but me lol!¬†

But I had to do a blog post about this dress, because I fell in love with it and also because I’m sooooo happy with this photoshoot. We really found the ideal background for it….

So, Lady Vintage London, which is a UK company that makes vintage inspired garments, all manufactured in the heart of London, sent me this lovely dress with a beautiful print of hummingbirds and flowers (and of course I gladly accepted!).

The fabric is soft with a nice sheen to it and the fit is as I like a swing dress to be; fitted above the waist and flared below it. I’m wearing it with a petticoat for a bit more volume. The colors of the dress are so pretty and vibrant. Doesn’t it look wonderful under the Cretan sun?!¬†

As you guys know, I’m in Crete for the summer and I’m trying to make the most of it and capture as much of the beautiful scenery as I can. So my photographer and I decided to shoot in Tampakaria area. It’s a very small area, but very picturesque. Tanneries used to operate here from mid 19th century, but now they have closed down and you can see the old abandoned buildings and some of the equipment they used back then. A few of the buildings have been restored for hotels and restaurants and some have been renovated and are privately owned.¬†

Call me crazy, but I love abandoned buildings because the history behind them fascinates me! What do you think?! 



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Sewing project: I made my first swing skirt!

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t been posting much lately, as I’m in Crete until September, working and vacationing…¬†

But I wanted to blog about this ever since I finished my first sewing project. If you follow me on Instagram (@ariettita) you probably saw a couple of months ago in my insta stories that I started sewing lessons. So around May I showed you a glimpse of the fabric I was using to make my first swing skirt. Here we call it an “umbrella” pattern, and it basically means that it’s a full circle (it’s also called a circle skirt), kind of like a donut!¬†

I always wanted to learn how to sew, but I was never patient to do it. Now I think my eagerness to make my own clothes overcame my lack of patience, so I finally started learning. It has paid off so far, since I managed to make a beautiful skirt and in September I’m going back to learn more.¬†

I found this gorgeous print at a fabric store in Athens and it wasn’t cheap. So it was a bit of a risk to get such an expensive fabric for my first project. But I had the supervision of my teacher so it was ok.¬†

And here it is, my flamingo swing skirt in all its glory….

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La cocotte – vintage inspired clothing <3

Skirt: La Cocotte Athens
Top: Vintage
Bag and accessories: from Vivetta’s collection
Shoes: Fullah Sugah (available in other colors)

Ladies and gentlemen meet my new skirt by La Cocotte Athens! The maker of this beautiful skirt is Viveta, who lives in Athens and creates custom made clothing for classy ladies. In her Etsy shop you can find vintage inspired clothes, like swing skirts and dresses and some authentic vintage garments. And on her Facebook page you can admire all the different styles that she has created for her her clients.   

I’ve known Viveta for a few years and she’s not only a very talented woman, but also a lovely person. She lives and breathes the vintage life! Her house is beautifully decorated with vintage treasures that she has collected over the years and her bag and accessories collection is totally enviable! Not to mention her wardrobe… I’m like a kid in a candy store whenever I visit her!

My new skirt is made from a vintage fabric and I adore it. The colors, the fabric, the fit….everything!

Some other garments that I own by the fabulous Ms La Cocotte Athens are:

  • The 40’s¬†inspired denim slacks
  • The 50’s¬†inspired swing skirt
  • The 40’s¬†inspired pinafore dress

It’s so special to have something that’s custom made for you! For your exact measurements, your unique taste and preference. Even more so,¬†if it’s made by someone who has a sound knowledge and a big love for vintage¬†fashion like Viveta! So pay her Etsy shop a visit and also her Instagram account which is full of vintage inspired cuteness!!!¬†


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