Casual date night


Let’s say you’re going out on a date or for drinks with the girls, but it’s not a super fancy night out, more like a glass of wine at a nice bar in town.
The eternal question for us girls “what do I wear”?!
I always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed, but sometimes I just want to wear something simple but feminine and timeless! And what could be more feminine than a pencil skirt? It’s definitely a wardrobe staple and can be worn and accessorized in so many ways…
So when Lindy Bop had their big sales on a few weeks ago I just had to buy at least one pencil skirt and because I already have about a hundred black ones (!) I thought I’d go for the uber sexy red!
The specific one I’m wearing here it’s out of stock now (totally understandable since it was only £7 on the sale!), but if you visit Lindy Bop you’ll definitely find other colors or patterns, so give it a go. If you’re between sizes like me, I’d suggest going for the smaller one because I find their clothes to run a bit big.



The rest of my outfit consists of a simple tank top from Zara (old) and a bolero from Boohoo (old too). My shoes are from Zara and I think they are in the style of the classic Louboutin pumps, only way cheaper (they were from Zara).

My bag is vintage, belonged to my mom and the only thing she remembers is that she bought it from Milan many many years ago and it was very expensive. I’m sure it’s a designer bag, but not sure of the brand. If you guys have any idea of what brand it could be, let me know in the comments!


Visit my YouTube channel to watch me get ready(ish) for this casual date night!

Thank you for stopping by and see you next Wednesday with another video and blogpost!



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