Sweet like ice cream!

Dress: Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: Zara (old)
Hair flower: Midcentury Market in Camden

Hello lovelies,

This is my second Vivien of Holloway dress and I adore it! (You saw a similar here) As soon as I saw the colour and the print I thought of Ice cream, cotton candy and all types of sweets in a candy store! So I went to do this shoot at a favorite spot in Athens, Zuccherino! There, you can find delicious desserts and ice cream and there’s choices for Vegans like me, otherwise I wouldn’t go to be honest!

I’m proud to say I own quite a few items from VOH and I love every single one of them. I can’t wait to also show you my winter items that I got last March when I visited their store in London… 😉

By the way, my ice cream flavors were Melon and Blueberry (with chunks of dark choc)! Yumm!!!!


“Something’s got to give” inspired dress

Dress: Dolly and Dotty
Sunglasses: Retrosexual Vintage Shop
Shoes: Zara (old)
Bag: MCM (old)

Hello lovelies,

The minute I saw this dress on the Dolly and Dotty site, I was drawn to it! I thought it was so pretty and very feminine. And it reminded me of something, but wasn’t sure what. And then I saw yet another documentary about Marilyn Monroe (I’m a huge fan in case you didn’t know!), and there it was. The dress that she wore in her last ever film, “Something’s got to give”! Unfortunately that film never screened, because she died before finishing it…
So I’m subconsciously drawn to anything that reminds me of Marilyn, and how could I not be? She always wore the most beautiful outfits!

I finally did a shoot for this dress and I did get a lot of compliments for it. The fabric is shiny and soft and it has the perfect fit, accentuating my curves. And that back….is oh so pretty!


Vintage inspired make up!

My Dress: Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: Zara (old)

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t posted in a while, some of you probably know why… But anyways, this is a happy post! I did Kalliopi’s make up (aka Madame Gateaux) and she also interviewed me about vintage makeup and we had a blast!

I can talk for hours about the history of make up and fashion and especially with Kalliopi, as she’s a also a fan of the 1950’s like I am. So, she made us a very refreshing nectarine iced tea and I did her make up, while chatting about Hollywood starts and their beauty secrets and so on…

You can read all about it on her blog Madame Gateaux (if you understand Greek that is) or you can just enjoy more beautiful pics! Also, have a look here at my post about her unique Vintage themed tea parties!

Photography: Konstantinos Tzemis



London photoshoot (part 2)

Top: Top Vintage
Trousers: Top Vintage
Shoes: Top Vintage
Bag: Top Vintage
Earrings: Top Vintage

Hey lovelies, I hope you read my previous post about my London photoshoot. This is part 2, with a slight difference to the outfit and a different setting. Still around London Tower and the London bridge. Please do check here my reviews on the beautiful trousers and shoes and also the bag. Here you see me wearing a striped top, that is very flattering and I’m going to enjoy wearing it this spring! I love everything nautical, maybe because I’m a Naval Officer’s daughter! 😉

The earrings are gorgeous! The perfect shade of red and with that classic Bakelite look and beautiful carvings…


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London photoshoot (Part 1)

Cardigan: Dancing days by Banned via Top Vintage
Trousers: Dancing days by Banned via Top Vintage
Bag: Collectif via Top Vintage
Shoes: Betty Page via Top Vintage
Hat: Vixen via Top Vintage

Hey lovelies,

So I visited London for a few days and apart from catching up with my lovely friends, I also met up with my favorite photographer there, John from Portraits and Pinups. I had some beautiful items to shoot, all from Top Vintage. Their new Spring/Summer collection is already available and trust me when I say, you will want to get everything!!! I chose some basics, that I’ll be able to get a lot of wear out of and combine them in many different ways…

I split the blog post in two parts even though the outfit is the same from the waist down, but I didn’t want to post all the pics in one post. We did the shoot around the river Thames in London and I absolutely froze, wearing spring/summer clothes in 7 degrees Celcius. It’s hard being a model, I know! 😛

Let me start with the trousers: I love them! They’re comfy and stylish and very light weight. They have that signature navy style, that’s wider at the bottom and they’re high waisted. I chose size XS, because I like my trousers to fit my waist and I don’t mind if they feel a tiny bit tighter at the hips. As long as I don’t gain weight, lol!

The cardigan is the cutest thing! Feels soft to the touch and you can wear it buttoned up or open with something underneath. And I love the bright red color, but you can find it in many other colors if you prefer…

The shoes, are very dainty and cute and quite comfortable I should say. And guess what? They’re vegan! You can actually find quite a few Vegan leather options at Top Vintage and they’re all beautiful! You don’t need to wear real leather to look stylish and vintage… 😉

That bag though…. I got so many compliments for it! Even some musicians stopped me to ask if I was carrying drums, haha! It’s not the most practical bag to carry around, but when did we care about that?!

And last but not least, the lovely hat, that is so easy to wear. There is a metal clasp inside the hat so it feels quite secure when you wear it. And it goes so well with many vintage hairstyles, long or short!

P.S.: You’ll see more close ups of the trousers and bag in my next post…

So what do you think of the outfit? Do you have a Spring/Summer wishlist already?